• Bnr 93 – Advancer

  • Bnr 93 – Advancer

    Om fartøyet

    Building number 93 – «Advancer» was delivered to Northern Offshore Services 15. May 2013.

    «Advancer» is an wind farm service catamaran with main dimensions 22,4×7,6 meter.

    The vessel is used to carry maximum 12 passengers and equipment to offshore wind mills during installation, operation and maintenance work. It is well equiped with a 12 ton metres marine crane, a diesel transfer system, and have a large deck space available for storage of equipment and containers. Service speed approximately 26 knots.

    The superstructure contains a large passanger saloon with 12 chairs and a sofa/table. Further more 2 cabins, 2 toilet rooms (one with a shower), pentry and wardrobe. In the wheelhouse the crew have a sofa/table, a small pentry and an office table in addition to the bridgeconsoll.

    The vessel has the class notation Det Norske Veritas class DNV +1A1 HSLC R1 WINDFARM SERVICE VESSEL 1, and comply with the regulations of the Danish flag state.

    We wish the shipowner good luck with the new vessel, and thank you for your cooperation during the construction period!



    Astafjordveien 566
    9446 Grovfjord

    Telefon: 770 89 600
    Mobil: 930 59 831
    Orgnr.: 988 041 505